CRR 410/2002 - Major Accident Hazards

The derivation and use of population data for major hazard accident modelling

The project aims were to evaluate and derive sources of population data to be utilised in major accident hazard modelling and quantified risk assessment (QRA).

Population data is fundamental to the estimation of levels of societal risk as well as providing potentially useful data for other aspects of the HSE's work. Key criteria were laid down to guide the process of selecting, manipulating and integrating population data sets. The population data needed to provide national cover, at high levels of detail, without incurring excessive cost and to take account of diurnal changes in population patterns associated with a range of different land uses. The solution developed involved using postcode geography as a foundation and then adding and combining further datasets to provide a "richer" set of population data that encompasses activity away from the home.

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Updated 2021-04-14