CRR 2002/404 - Risk perception leading to risk taking behaviour amongst farmers in England and Wales

Details research carried out to look at the perception of risk held by a large sample of farmers in England and Wales; to look at risk taking behaviour admitted by the farmers, and to draw conclusions on future possible initiatives which may be considered by HSE in the future to reduce farm accidents. Looks at previous work carried out in this field in the UK and in North America , and concludes that reliance on accident data for formulating future strategy is problematical and recommends that a behavioural approach is adopted, in line with human factors approaches adopted elsewhere towards successful health and safety management. The methodology adopted to gather the bulk of information was the formulation and administration of a postal questionnaire to a large sample of farms in England and Wales. Discusses in detail the methodology and survey rationale. Results are discussed in three sections: structural, human: organisation, and behavioural, the interrelationships between the three are highlighted. Possible future initiatives/interventions are discussed in the light of them. Recommendations are made bearing in mind the likely success of initiatives. Emphasises that the split between advisory and enforcement roles of HSE should be critically examined.

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Updated 2021-04-14