CRR 394/2001 - Investigation into aspects of falsework

The results are presented of an investigation into the verticality of falsework achieved on construction sites and of the views of practitioners on how stability of falsework is demonstrated in the design process and achieved on site. Verticality data were measured at eleven construction sites. Based on the verticality of their entire height, the numbers of falsework legs on each site visit which were found not to be within tolerance varied from 0% to 50%, when compared against the current British criteria, and from 0% to 33%, when using the proposed European criteria. The difference occurs because the British criteria are more stringent. the general performance does not appear to have improved since a similar study conducted in 1989. States that there is a lack of understanding of the principles of stability amongst practitioners, and the contracting sector does not appreciate the implications of the assumptions made by the suppliers when designing a falsework system.

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Updated 2021-04-14