CRR 377/2001 - Joint industry programme on carbon monoxide issues:

A review of the emergency response related to CO fumes incidents

Describes the procedures that are in place in relation to gas escapes in Great Britain and the legislation that has led to the current situation. Public reports of gas escapes, in particular those which are fumes related, are dealt with by the Emergency Service Provider whose overall responsibility is to make the situation safe and prevent the escape of gas. The role of the emergency service is constrained by the extent to which any investigation on site can be conducted, by current legislation, guidance documents and licence conditions. The situation is perceived to be that following a fumes incident the occupants are often turned off. They are then required to arrange a follow on visit by a CORGI registered installer in order to reinstate their gas supply and/or repair appliances suspected to be malfunctioning. As a consequence some consumers can be left without gas for heating or cooking for a period of time. The procedures used in some other countries are also reported. The report then focuses upon two aspects of the emergency response process. It first addresses the question of whether instrumentation would assist in identifying the source(s) of carbon monoxide and hence reduce the likelihood of turning off or isolating the gas supply. Secondly, best practice is reviewed to consider whether the hand over from the emergency engineer to the CORGI engineer, and subsequent follow on work, is likely to proceed as efficiently as possible. Also that customer safety remains of paramount importance throughout the process.

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Updated 2021-04-14