CRR 375/2001 - Joint industry programme on carbon monoxide issues:

A review of carbon monoxide incident information for 1997/8 produced from the full investigation of incidents which had resulted from the use of piped natural gas and LPG within Great Britain

This report has been prepared as part of the Joint Industry Programme (JIP) Addressing Carbon Monoxide (CO) Issues and within the Incident Data project area. The aim of this project is to identify common causes of CO incidents related to appliance and system design, installation and maintenance. Information for incidents since 1996/97, which was prior to the setting up of the JIP, has been obtained from industry reports and has already been reported as part of the JIP. This is the second report of a series that are to be issued and covers the period 1997/98. The results of this report indicate that the number of domestic related CO poisoning deaths reported, at 22 during 1997/98, was in
line with previous trends and that the majority of all CO poisoning deaths involved domestic open flued appliances. Space heating appliances were responsible for the majority of deaths.

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Updated 2021-04-14