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Arrangements for liaison between UK enforcing authorities

Changes due to Brexit

Your health and safety responsibilities will not change when the UK leaves the EU. This guidance is under review.

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What do the REACH Enforcement Regulations 2008 say?

Close co-operation and co-ordination between enforcing authorities is crucial to the effective enforcement of REACH in the UK. The REACH Enforcement Regulations 2008 require enforcing authorities to co-operate and share information with each other to assist compliance with, and the effective enforcement of, REACH. The Regulations also give enforcing authorities power to agree arrangements with each other to allow the carrying out of an enforcement duty by another authority. This means that there is flexibility for the most suitable enforcing authority to carry out enforcement in any particular case.

The REACH Enforcement Liaison Group

To further strengthen co-operation and co-ordination, the MoU sets up a UK REACH Enforcement Liaison Group. This Group is composed of representatives from all UK REACH enforcing authorities and meets at least twice per year. Its functions include:

You can access the agendas and minutes of previous meetings of the Enforcement Liaison Group below:

  Agendas Minutes
November 2008 Agenda Nov 08 Minutes Nov 08
June 2009 Agenda Jun 09 Minutes Jun 09
January 2010 Agenda Jan 2010 Minutes Jan 2010
July 2010 Agenda Jul 2010 Minutes Jul 2010
February 2011 Agenda Feb 2011 Minutes Feb 2011
November 2011 Agenda Nov 2011 Minutes Nov 2011
May 2012 Agenda May 2012 Minutes May 2012
January 2013 Agenda January 2013 Minutes January 2013
September 2013 Agenda September 2013 Minutes September 2013
May 2014 Agenda May 2014 Minutes May 2014
December 2014 Agenda December 2014 Minutes December 2014
November 2015 Agenda November 2015 Minutes November 2015

REACH enforcement strategy and guidance

The REACH Enforcement Liaison Group has agreed a strategy and guidance for REACH enforcement in the UK. This contains guidance for enforcing authorities on REACH enforcement, and sets the strategy for REACH enforcement in the UK. The objective of this strategy is to ensure that high standards of compliance with REACH are achieved and maintained, but in ways which minimise the burden of verifying compliance for both businesses and for public authorities.

Updated 2019-04-05