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REACH - Information for Notifiers of New Substances

Changes due to Brexit

Your health and safety responsibilities will not change when the UK leaves the EU. This guidance is under review.

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From June 1st 2008 NONS was replaced by REACH and notifiers responsibilities under the NONS regulations are repealed.

Substances that were notified under NONS and have a recognised notification number were transferred into REACH and are regarded as already having been registered (at the relevant tonnage band).

Claiming a REACH registration number

Each notification was assigned a registration number by ECHA. A notifier can claim their REACH registration number from the Agency (via the REACH IT system). See the information under ‘Requesting a registration number for NONS’ on the ECHA for details:

The following information is required:

Certain documentation is also required for Only Representatives.

Provided that the claimant's details match those of the notifier the Agency will provide the registration number. If the details do not match, further verification will be required by the Agency/member state competent authority (MSCA).

If the details do not match, you will be informed and are advised to contact your Member State Competent Authority. If this occurs please ONLY contact us using the following e-mail address:

When doing this, please provide;

  1. Date of claim attempt
  2. Information inputted (exact wording is important)
  3. Error message received
  4. If there is a change in company – all relevant paperwork to explain changes (as required by ECHA)

Please note that even small typing errors may cause the claim to be rejected or a company name may not have been amended and we therefore advise you to try alternatives before contacting us. The data is also case sensitive, so try capital letters where appropriate.

Status of notified polymers under REACH

Substances notified in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEC are regarded as registered by the manufacturer or importer who submitted the notification (Article 24(1)). The registration requirements under Title II are therefore covered by the notification in the tonnage band for which the notification was made. The registration of the monomers or other substances from which the notified polymers are derived is not required.

As soon as the manufactured/imported quantity of polymer reaches the next tonnage threshold, the registration requirements (Title II of REACH) as described in this guidance should be followed for the monomer(s) or any other substance(s) meeting the conditions of Article 6(3).

Updating registrations

Article 22 of the REACH regulation lists the further duties of registrants, specifically when an updated registration should be submitted to the Agency.

When the next REACH tonnage threshold is reached the notifier/registrant will need to comply with the relevant requirements for that level under REACH [Article 24].

Updated 2019-04-05