Fees and charges

UK REACH will apply fees to the same processes that were charged under EU REACH.

The starting point for the UK REACH fees are the EU REACH fees and these have been converted from Euro to GBP, based on the average conversion rate for 2017. The full details of the changes are available in the REACH Amendment SI

For registrations, fees will be determined once you have submitted your dossier and it has passed our Business Rules Check. HSE may then need to contact you to get information which will help us to work out the correct fee for your application.

Your invoice and instructions for payment will be issued to you by email using the contact details held in your Comply with UK REACH account.

If you require your invoice to be issued using alternative details email [email protected] as soon as you have made your submission, quoting the relevant substance identity and your UK REACH submission number.

How to determine the company size category

The criteria and definitions applying to the categorisation of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the same under UK REACH as for the EU's REACH regime.

On the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) website there is a  5-step set of instructions for calculating your company size category (in accordance with Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC).

If your company is an SME, you should follow the ECHA instructions up to Step 5. At Step 5, UK REACH, a EURO to Sterling conversion has been applied in respect of the turnover/balance sheet ceiling figures. The conversions are shown in the table below;

Turnover/Balance sheet ceilings for SMEs for UK REACH

Enterprise category Headcount Turnover or Balance sheet total
medium-sized < 250 ≤ £43.650 million ≤ £37.539 million
small < 50 ≤ £8.730 million ≤ £8.730 million
micro < 10 ≤ £1.746 million ≤ £1.746 million
Updated 2021-09-29