Risk assessment

A brief guide to controlling risks in the workplace

Date of publication:
978 0 7176 6463 4
Series code:
INDG163 (rev4)

This revised leaflet aims to help you identify, assess  and control health and safety risks associated with workplace hazards – the guidance replaces 'Five steps to risk assessment'.

It is mainly aimed at employers, managers and others with responsibility for health and safety, and will also be useful to employees and safety representatives.

The new guidance makes clear that only significant findings need to be recorded and emphasises the importance of controlling the risks identified.  However, the guidance still suggests that you should identify the hazards, think about who might be harmed, evaluate the risks, record your significant findings and review your risk assessment.

If you have previously used 'Five steps' to carry out your own risk assessment there is no need to repeat it. You should review your risk assessment if you think it is no longer valid or if there are any significant changes.

Updated: 2021-06-14