Equipment and machinery

The equipment and machinery has to be suitable for the task...but it should also be suitable for the users.

Often equipment is purchased without first considering:

Lack of consideration of these points can result in poor working postures leading to potential injury and discomfort. Think about the design and layout of equipment and machinery.

man sitting at a low computer in front of a window

How will it be used, and by whom.

a worker bending down to use machinery - machinery too low

Is equipment too low

equipment that is too high for the user

or too high?

insufficient leg room for a worker

Is there sufficient leg room?

a person bending down to get equipment off a low shelf onto a trolley

Consideration of where items are stored is also important.

Avoid storing items too low and arrange items so that the heaviest can be reached at waist height.

Height adjustable trolleys should also be considered.

a person fixing a difficult to maintain machine, with his head in an uncomfortable position

When machinery is installed, consideration is not always given to how easily maintenance work will be carried out.

This must be taken in to account to avoid inappropriate postures & unsafe working practices.

Worker on a stepladder lifting a large component

Cleaning equipment can result in awkward postures.

In this scenario, the operator must handle a heavy load whilst balancing on an unsuitable step ladder.

Important points to remember:

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Updated 2021-11-05