Weighing packages

Person lifting box onto scale

The problem

Boxes of packed stock are automatically transferred from the case packer, down a flexi-link conveyor belt and onto the end of line table. One box per minute, weighing approximately 3.5kg, is physically picked up and placed on a balance to be weighed.

The box is then removed, a label is applied and it is placed onto a pallet. This operation was mainly uncomfortable for the smaller team members on the line and had the potential to cause risk of strain injury to the back and upper limbs because of the lifting involved and the repetitive nature.

Person sliding box onto scale sunk into talbe

The solution

The end of line table was modified to include a sunken area for the balance to fit into. This way, boxes can be slid on and off of the balance easily without the requirement to lift.

Job rotation has also been introduced on the line approximately every two hours to reduce the repetitive nature of the task.

The benefits

Updated 2021-11-05