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Information Updates Index for 2006

Brexit: Transition period

The UK has now left the EU. Your health and safety responsibilities have not changed in the transition period.

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Certain Updates have been removed since no longer relevant. However, they can still be viewed on the National Archive website page: Information Updates Index 2006

List of Information Updates for 2006

Information Update 15/2006

Information Update - Changes to UK Telephone Technology and Related Security Issues

This Update has been archived

This update provides information on changes to UK telephone technology, and the effect they will have on the security of telephone calls.

Date issued: 21/12/06

Information Update 14/2006

Human Health Incident Survey 2005

This Update has been archived

In February this year, the Pesticides Safety Directorate carried out a third survey of pesticide related human health incident reports. This Information Update summarises the results obtained by the survey.

Date issued: 12/12/2006

Information Update 13/2006

This Update has been superseded - see Regulatory Update 20/2012

Vertebrate Data Sharing Arrangements – Resolution of Disputes In Respect Of Authorisations under the Plant Protection Products Regulations

This Information Update sought to clarify certain aspects of the procedure outlined in Regulatory Update 19/2005 when an applicant is seeking access to vertebrate animal testing data.

Date issued: 30/11/2006

Information Update 12/2006

Training Opportunity– Compilation of Environmental Fate and Behaviour Submissions

This Update has been archived

PSD is proposing to hold a training day in early-mid 2007 on the compilation of environmental fate and behaviour submissions. The full one-day course will provide an introduction to the preparation of an environmental fate submission for product approvals under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR), and for product authorisations under the Plant Protection Products Regulations (PPPR).

Date issued: 30/11/2006

Information Update 11/2006

Publication of Information Concerning Products Imported For Own-Use Only Under the Parallel Import Arrangements

This Update has been archived

Publication of a list of source products on the market in other EEA states that had been verified as being identical to ones on the market in the UK.

Date issued: 23/11/06

Information Update 10/2006

Conference on the Registration of Products: Post Inclusion on Annex 1 (including Re-Registration & Mutual Recognition)

This Update has been archived

14 November 2006 PSD will be holding a one-day conference on the registration of plant protection products following inclusion of the active substance on Annex I of Directive 91/414/EC. It will be held at the National Railway Museum, York on Thursday 8 th March 2007.

Date issued: 14/11/2006

Information Update 09/2006

Changes to the Statutory Conditions of Use of Grass Weed Herbicides - Information Update

PSD Regulatory Update 16/2006 outlined amendments to the Statutory Conditions of Use of grass weed herbicides containing ACCase and ALS inhibitors.

PSD has received requests from industry to publish a list of the active substances and products that are affected by these restrictions. Please follow the link to access the listing.

Date issued: 17/10/2006

Information Update 08/2006

Amateur Products and Biological Assessment Dossier Training Days

This Update has been archived

PSD will be running two further training courses on the preparation Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD’s) on the 29th November and 6th December 2006.

Date issued: 05/10/2006

Information Update 07/2006

Revision of Guidance on the Parallel Import Arrangements for Pesticide Products

This Update has been archived

Following discussions with the European Commission about the procedures to be adopted for approving applications for approvals under the parallel import arrangements, PSD has taken the opportunity to fully revise its online guidance on the arrangements adopted for these procedures.

Date issued: 12/09/2006

Information Update 06/2006

This Update has been archived

Revision of Guidance for import tolerance applications

PSD launched a scheme for evaluating applications for import tolerances in 2003, accompanied by website guidance for applicants. In light of our experience with applications already processed, we are now in a position to revise our guidance for applicants on the submission of applications for an import tolerance.

Date issued: 17/08/06

Information Update 05/2006

Launch of the PSD' s Champions

Date issued: 30/11/2006

Information Update 04/2006

Enforcement Action Taken Against a Horticultural Retailer

This Update has been archived

The Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) has recently taken enforcement action against a horticultural retailer in the North West of England, for the unlawful sale, supply and advertisement of pesticide products.

Date issued: 29/06/06

Information Update 03/2006

Strawberry Residue Testing

In 2005, the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) undertook an enforcement monitoring programme sampling strawberries directly from growers, farm shops and Pick Your Own (PYO) premises in England. No adverse results were found.

Date issued: 13/04/2006

Information Update 02/2006

Consideration of label claims for the control of Septoria by triazole fungicides

PSD have commissioned a series of trials to investigate reports of declining effect of triazoles against Septoria tritici. If these trials show poor performance against Septoria,we may take action to modify the label claims of relevant products.

Date issued: 11/04/2006

Information Update 01/2006

Fine imposed for illegally selling and supplying unapproved pesticides

This Update has been archived

On the 3 April 2006 at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court, Growing Success Organics Ltd and Stanley Mernagh, a director of the company, were each convicted of two offences relating to the illegal supply of two unapproved pesticide products.

Date issued: 07/04/2006

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