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Information Updates Index for 2004

Brexit: Transition period

The UK has now left the EU. Your health and safety responsibilities have not changed in the transition period.

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Certain Updates have been removed since no longer relevant. However, they can still be viewed on the National Archive website page: Information Updates Index 2004.

List of Information Updates for 2004

Information Update 09/2004

Access to Information - How will it affect information you supply to the Pesticides Safety Directorate PSD?

The purpose of this update is to alert people who provide information to PSD about the implications of the new legislation on access to information which will be in force from 1 January 2005. This includes businesses that provide services and hold contracts with PSD.

Date issued: 23/12/2004

Information Update 08/2004

Questionnaire on the Possible Effects of Pesticides on Human Health

This Update has been archived

PSD outlines the conclusions of a recent exercise to test how well pesticide companies meet their obligation to report human health incidents involving their products.

Date issued: 16/12/2004

Information Update 07/2004

Amateur products and Biological Assessment Dossier Training Days

This Update has been archived

PSD will be running training courses on the preparation of submissions for approval of amateur products and the preparation of Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD's) on the 9th and 10th March 2005.

Date issued: 02/12/2004

Information Update 06/2004

Ethylene Commodity Chemical Approval

Guidance on the use and marketing of ethylene or ethanol and implications of the EC.

Review of these two substances.

Date issued: 12/10/2004

Information Update 05/2004

Advisory Committee on Pesticides - Fifth Annual Open Meeting, Wednesday, 17 November 2004

An invitation to attend the Fifth Open Meeting of the Advisory Committee of Pesticides. The main topic is 'Indirect effects of pesticides on wildlife'.

Date issued: 28/09/2004

Information Update 04/2004

Conference on Labelling For Plant Protection Products

This Update has been archived

PSD is intending to hold a one day seminar on labelling at the The Food and Environment Research Agency(FERA), York on Wednesday 1 December 2004. The event will be targeted at those involved in the submission and preparation of pesticide product labels. It is proposed the seminar will provide an update on all aspects of labelling, and aims to raise awareness of current guidance and procedures, in light of the recent changes in this area.

Date issued: 11/08/2004

Information Update 03/2004

The On-line Pesticides Register and User Guide

This Update has been archived

The final paper copy of The Pesticides Monitor was issued in July 2004. A new on-line system which has been developed, in consultation with customers, is now available through the website. All of the information formerly contained in the Pesticides Monitor will be available on the website.

Date issued: 29/07/2004

Information Update 02/2004

Revised Guidance on Approaches and Tools for Higher Tier Assessment of Environmental Fate in the UK

This information update advises of the latest revision of the guidance document on Approaches and Tools for Higher Tier Assessment of Environmental Fate in the UK.

Date issued: 02/07/2004

Information Update 01/2004

Biological Assessment Dossiers Training Day

This Update has been archived

PSD will be running a training day on the preparation of Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD's) on the 9 September 2004. This year the course has been updated to give specific advice on re-registration and mutual recognition applications.

Date issued: 02/07/2004

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