Withdrawal Notices - An Introduction

When a new authorisation is issued for an existing product, any previous authorisations are superseded and withdrawn. If a new Ministerially Authorised Pesticide Product (MAPP) number is issued for the product, a withdrawal notice is issued for the old MAPP number. In some instances, where an element of the old authorisation is withdrawn (for example a particular use or type of packaging) and does not gain authorisation under the new Notice, this is indicated on the withdrawal.

These withdrawal notices are issued as a 'housekeeping' exercise to ensure superseded authorisations are formally withdrawn within an appropriate time-scale. The withdrawal notices clarify both the type (phased or immediate) and time-scale of the withdrawal. Details of the HSE standardised withdrawal periods can be found in The Applicant Guide.

Procedures for Issuing and Publishing Withdrawals

Withdrawals are published on the HSE web site shortly after each month end. The reason for each withdrawal can be found in the final column of the table. Notices issued since 1 June 2004 can be accessed via the Pesticides Register.

Authorisation holders should note that where a product or use authorisation is withdrawn for safety reasons (for example following a review or following the setting of new Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs), the authorisation holder will be sent a paper or electronic copy of the withdrawal notice, which will also be published on HSE's website.

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Updated 2021-08-23