Amendment, expiry, suspension and withdrawal of authorisations

Plant Protection Product (PPP) authorisations may at any time be subject to review, amendment, suspension or withdrawal.

Withdrawal of an authorisation may occur for a number of reasons. For example the identification of safety concerns or an authorisation holder's failure to support continuing authorisation with the required data. This may be a complete withdrawal of the PPP authorisation or withdrawal of certain aspects (for example specific crops or other conditions of authorisation). In the latter case a new amended authorisation will also be issued. Where possible a 'phased withdrawal' will be implemented, but when safety considerations make it necessary immediate withdrawal may take effect.

On expiry or withdrawal of authorisations it becomes unlawful to advertise, sell, supply, store or use the PPPs for the uses concerned.

Suspension of authorisation may take place when it is anticipated that the action is temporary. For example where authorisation might be reinstated by the provision of required and satisfactory data.

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Updated 2021-08-23