GB Pesticides Approvals Register

The GB approvals register provides a full list of approved active substances to be included in plant protection products in Great Britain, together with details on the specific conditions of approval.

Many active substances are approved as a result of EU legislation being adopted into GB law. EU pesticides legislation often provides further explanation of certain conditions of approval or specific provisions in a separate review report. For approvals transferred from EU decisions taken before EU exit it may be necessary to also consult the relevant EU review report for further explanation of some specific points relating to relevant approvals. Review reports for specific active substances can be obtained from the EU Pesticides database.

Decisions on approvals taken in GB after leaving the EU are also included in this register, including restriction or withdrawal of approval. The supporting documents including statutory publications on active substances are available. See the sections on active substance renewals and new active substances.

Note: Approval of an active substances does not include approval for use. It is illegal to use a plant protection product other than in accordance with its product authorisation. Details of UK plant protection product authorisations can be found on our Pesticide Product database.

Updated 2022-01-18