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Labelling Handbook Contents

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The ‘Labelling Handbook (Version 2- An Applicant’s Guide to Labelling Requirements for Plant Protection Products)’ provides comprehensive up-to-date guidance on UK labelling requirements for professional, amateur and experimental plant protection products (PPPs).

It replaces the previous Labelling Handbook originally published in 2002. There are no new requirements, but it consolidates, and where necessary clarifies, all the information and guidance in the original Handbook and subsequent Regulatory and Information Updates.

The new Handbook will be updated accordingly whenever new labelling requirements or guidance are issued.

Labelling Handbook Sections

The Labelling Handbook (Version 2) is available in 4 parts as follows:

Applicants for authorisation must use Volume 1 plus one of Volumes 2 to 4 as appropriate (depending on the type of product they are labelling) when producing a draft label for submission to CRD and producing the final printed label after authorisation.

The new Handbook can be used with immediate effect. References and links to the Handbook in our authorisation and other documents now apply to this revised version.

Classification labelling under other legislation

This guidance is without prejudice to labelling requirements of other legislation ie The Dangerous Preparations Directive (99/45/EC)/CHIP4 Regulations which will be fully replaced by the EC Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures EC 1272/2008 (the CLP regulation) on 1st June 2015. However, the Handbook does provide guidance on incorporating the requirements of that legislation on product labels. Further information on CHIP4 and CLP is in the following Regulatory Updates:


Any comments on the structure or contents of the Labelling Handbook, or any suggestions for improvement please contact us.

Further Information

Additional information on labelling issues was included in the following Regulatory Updates which can be accessed from the National Archive.


Updated 2020-08-10