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Grower, Small Business and Biopesticide Champions

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Grower Champion


Over recent years the pesticides approved for use on minor crops have come under increasing pressure. Along with this there has been a requirement for growers and farmers to diversify away from traditional crops and find new markets, so creating the need to find pesticide solutions for new novel crops.

The EC review programme reduced the number of pesticide products and uses available, with this being felt most acutely by growers of minor crops. Alongside this, it is acknowledged that in some cases the regulatory costs for pesticide approvals may be considered prohibitive for pesticide manufacturers to support minor and novel crops as label recommendations.

To help counter this, CRD has had in place a system for gaining minor use approvals, previously know as Specific Off-Label Approvals , now known as Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU), which has been used successfully to fill pesticide gaps.

To further help and assist growers and their organisations in finding pesticide solutions and to keep them up-to-date with pesticide issues, CRD has appointed a contact point within CRD: a Grower’s Champion.

Role of the Grower Champion

The role of the Grower Champion is to be a specific contact point within CRD for all grower related issues, from helping to explain regulatory issues to helping with submission and evaluation of minor use authorisations. The Grower Champion is available to help growers or any individual within the agricultural/horticultural/forestry/amenity industries wishing to find a solution to a pesticide problem or find out more information on UK and EC pesticides regulation and its impact on minor uses.

Contact Information

If you wish to discuss minor use issues, want advice on how to submit an application or would like a representative to meet you and your organisation to discuss minor use and off-label issues, please contact via e-mail at: [email protected]

Small Business Champion

The Small Business Champion role has been established for several years, offering a specialised service to small businesses that often have specific needs when making applications to CRD in the complex and ever-changing area of pesticide regulation. The role is customer driven, and offers a range of services to small businesses, from individual one-to-one advice and introductory presentations to specific advice regarding regulatory submissions; dependent upon requirements.

Contact Information

If you are a small business and have any queries relating to the regulatory process, please contact by e-mail at [email protected]

Biopesticide Champion

The Biopesticide Champion provides initial contact for product innovators/manufacturers, and helps them through the approval process. Further information is available on the Biopesticides user area home page: Link to Biopesticides page.

Contact Information

Please contact the Biopesticides champion at : [email protected].


Updated 2020-08-10