Qualified recommendations for use


The 'Qualified Recommendations' scheme is designed to facilitate the authorisation of UK minor/sporadic pest species and crops on product labels.

An application for pesticide authorisation is expected to include evidence to support the claims made about the efficacy of a product. However, this evidence may be difficult or uneconomic to obtain where sporadic pests or other problems are concerned or where small-scale crops are involved. As a result, authorisation may be given based on limited evidence of effectiveness and/or crop safety. This is the basis of a 'Qualified Recommendation'. It should be noted that all applications for a 'Qualified Recommendation' must still meet the full requirements with regard to safety to the health of humans, animals, non-target plants and the environment, before any authorisation can be given.

Scope of the scheme

Qualified recommendations based on limited efficacy data may be considered for:

The decision on what constitutes a 'minor use' rests with CRD. Potential applicants are advised to email [email protected] to discuss whether the proposed use qualifies as 'minor' prior to making an application. (Please note, the definition of 'minor' crop used for Extensions of Minor Use (EAMU) is not applicable here).

Useful links

Further information is available on the registration of products, specifically section 3.9.4 in Chapter 8 of the Registration Handbook

Outlines of the scheme have also appeared in two All Approval Holders Letters (16/92 and 6/97). Electronic copies are not available - however hard copies may be obtained.

Further Information

Further details, including appropriate label wording for qualified recommendations, can be found in the Efficacy guidance Efficacy Assessments: UK National issues and advice on Product Labelling.

Updated 2021-08-10