Technical guidance for the extrapolation of residue trials for plants and residues data for products of animal origin to support the authorisation of PPP and setting of MRLs in Great Britain

This HSE guidance document applies to pesticide active substance approval, plant protection product (PPP) authorisation and maximum residue level (MRL) setting in Great Britain.

For PPP authorisations in Northern Ireland, refer to the Appendix D document on the European Commission website (SANTE/2019/12752 - 23 November 2020)



This document provides guidelines on comparability, extrapolation, group tolerances and data requirements for pesticides residues in food and raw agricultural commodities.

It is aimed at those intending to register a plant protection product or to establish a GB maximum residue level (MRL) or those responsible for regulating such substances and commodities.

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Updated 2023-12-28