Guidance for applicants on how to address the residues data requirements which apply under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.

Residue data should be generated in accordance with the available guidelines and guidance as listed in the resources below. Prior to submission applicants should also check that applications are complete using the Consumer Exposure section of the common omissions checklist.

Residue data are needed to support all pesticide uses which could result in pesticide residues in food or animal feed. Data on the nature and magnitude of pesticide residues in crops (including rotational crops and processed foods) and livestock resulting from the use of the formulation as recommended on the label are used to estimate consumer exposure. This includes exposure to the pesticide (and/or their derivatives, metabolites and reaction products) from the primary and following (rotational) crops, processed commodities or livestock products (for example meat, eggs, milk) from animal consumption of treated crops.

Pesticide uses for triazole pesticides will need to consider the additional guidance on Triazole Derivative Metabolites.

Residues data are also required to establish or demonstrate compliance with MRLs. Please also consider the guidance available at MRLs before submitting residues data.


Listed below are the guidelines for residue data that apply to:

Where GB has different guidelines to NI, additional links are given (for example Appendix D)

Residue data guidelines on the EC website

OECD Test Guidelines (documents listed below are available at this link)

OECD guidance (documents listed below are available at this link)

Updated 2021-12-21