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Revised guidance document produced by CRD for the generation of data on the physical, chemical and technical properties of plant protection products under Regulation EC 1107/2009.

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Regulatory Update: 14/2015
Issued: 10th August 2015


This Regulatory Update announces the production of a revised guidance document to describe the chemical and physical data required to support the registration/authorisation of a preparation. These notes are intended to provide guidance on the scientific data requirements for plant protection products as they are set out in Regulation (EC) No. 284/2013 in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 concerning the placement of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) on the market.


In considering the chemical, physical and technical characteristics and shelf-life requirements for a Plant Protection Product, the aim should be to show the product may be safely and efficaciously applied according to label instructions, and that the product retains the active substance and physical-chemical characteristics on storage.

These guidelines are intended to cover the data requirements for chemical pesticides. They are not intended for biological pesticides.

The guidance document represents CRD’s position on the data requirements under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 and updates the guidance given in the data requirements handbook on the CRD website, which will be amended in due course. In addition to updating the data requirements the document includes an updated Appendix detailing additional preparation types with corresponding Croplife codes and requirements for the technical characteristics of those preparations in line with the FAO manual, all references to EC, OECD and CIPAC methods, as well as those from the UN RTDG Manual have been brought up to date, as well as advice on classification in accordance with CLP.

With the inclusion of this updated information it is the aim of the guidance to support industry to fulfil the chemistry data requirements for product submissions under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009.

The document will now be used to consult with other member states within Europe as well as other stakeholders to work towards a harmonised guidance document within the EU.


The guidance document has been made available on the pesticides website: Link to Guidance Document.

Acceptance of Applications

The guidance document may be used to support any registration/authorisation of a preparation in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 concerning the placement of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) on the market.

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Updated 2016-05-18