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Active substance and metabolite PECsw calculations (for EU and Zonal specific authorisation requests)

Brexit: Transition period

The UK has now left the EU. Your health and safety responsibilities have not changed in the transition period.

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Calculations of PECsw and PECsed for EU and Zonal authorisations are made using the FOCUS surface water scenarios approach. Guidance on the calculation of PECsw and PECsed is given in the FOCUS surface water report SANCO/4802/2001 – rev.2 (May 2003) Aquatic Guidance Document and Generic guidance for FOCUS surface water Scenarios version 1.4, May 2015.
The FOCUS surface water report is supported by the following Appendices:

  1. Existing National Scenarios (doc)
  2. Parameterisation of spray drift input (doc)
  3. Parameterisation of drainage input (doc)
  4. Parameterisation of runoff input (doc)
  5. Parameterisation of fate in surface water (doc)
  6. Hydrological responses of the FOCUS surface water bodies simulated by TOXSWA (doc)
  7. Test Protocol and results for Steps 1, 2 & 3 comparisons (doc)
  8. SWASH User Manual (doc)
  9. STEPS 1-2 in FOCUS User Manual (doc)
  10. MACRO in FOCUS User Manual (doc)
  11. PRZM in FOCUS User Manual (doc)
  12. TOXSWA in FOCUS User Manual (doc)
  13. Parameterisation of irrigation requirements (doc)

Applicants should always consult the webpage for the latest background and documentation.

CRD have provided the following additional general guidance.

Updated 2016-07-27