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EFSA working document - physchem properties and methods

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This is an EFSA document and all questions relating to the content should be directed to EFSA in the first instance.

The following page introduces the EFSA working document for the PRAPeR meeting of experts (EFSA).

The EFSA working document for the PRAPeR meeting of experts (EFSA) details decisions made at (PRAPeR) (Pesticide Risk Assessment and Peer Review) meetings in the area of physical chemical properties and methods. In producing this document, EFSA are striving for consistency of decision making for similar issues. The document is a record of decisions taken, not a formal guidance document or Directive. Within the document items are arranged by their individual Annex points, with reference made to the PRAPeR (chemistry) meeting at which the issue was discussed.

Discussions on specific issues can be re-opened with EFSA when appropriate, and the document will be updated when a new decision has been reached in a PRAPeR (chemistry) meeting.

CRD will publish this document on the CRD website until such a time as EFSA publish it on their website. The most recent version of the document can be found below:

EFSA working document for the PRAPeR meeting of experts.

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Updated 2020-07-17