Risk assessment of pesticides for amateur/home garden use

An outline of the UK risk assessment scheme used to evaluate the risk to non-target organisms from plant protection products (PPPs) intended for use in private gardens by the amateur/home garden market.



This new guidance document applies to applications made to Northern Ireland and Great Britain. It enables applicants for products with an amateur use to risk envelope to a professional use risk assessment for which risk mitigation measures are in place for the aquatic compartment.

Products with buffer zones over a certain size will no longer be authorised for amateur use.

The document includes:

  • details of the specific requirements for each area of the ecotoxicological risk assessment 
  • details of the labelling requirements for amateur/home garden products in relation to the ecotoxicological risk assessment
  • a summary of the labelling requirements for amateur/home garden products when an exposure assessment for a corresponding professional use is referred to which requires risk mitigation for the aquatic compartment 


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Updated 2021-10-18