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Technical Equivalence Applications for New Sources of Active Substances for Plant Protection Products

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Regulatory Update: 01/2015
Issued: 30th January 2015


This Regulatory Update announces the introduction of a ‘detailed sift’ for all applications for technical equivalence of new sources of active substances. In addition, it announces the introduction of a fee associated with the additional costs of handling incomplete applications before acceptance.


Each year CRD receives around 120 applications requesting technical equivalence assessments for new sources of active substances. Currently, these are accepted after a basic check which does not include any detailed consideration of their content. On evaluation, approximately 90% are incomplete and require a request for further information. This represents a burden on both applicants and CRD and contributes to delays with completing these applications.


A new checklist based on common omissions has been made available on the pesticides website: Link to technical equivalence checklist

Applicants should use this list to check applications are complete prior to submission


Acceptance of Applications

With immediate effect, HSE will now check all relevant applications for completeness against the checklist. Only those applications considered to be complete will be accepted for evaluation. For any application deemed incomplete, the applicant will be informed of the missing information which will be required before the application can be accepted.

Charging of a Sift Fee For Incomplete Applications

From 1 April 2015, HSE will charge a sift fee to cover the additional work required to process incomplete applications for assessment of technical equivalence. This and all other CRD fees are published on the pesticides website: Fees and charges

Contact Details

If you have any queries concerning this update, please contact us: Link to Contact Details Page


Updated 2020-08-10