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The Applicant Guide: UK Guidance

The UK has left the EU, new rules from January 2021

The transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year.

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The Applicant Guide provides guidance on the procedures for submitting an application to CRD, how we will process the application, what should be included in an application and what happens once the application is completed.

In addition to the Guide there is UK guidance which addresses different aspects of pesticide and adjuvant registration. Links to these documents can be found in the appropriate places in The Applicant Guide but a list of these documents is also detailed below.

The Applicant Guide associated UK Guidance

Active Substance Approval – The EU Decision Making Process

New Active Substances applications – optional phased submission process

Additional data and data mid-evaluation


Adverse data - Approval Holder Responsibilities

Application fees

Application Overview

Applications for addition of undersown crops to product labels

Application types

Application - What to include


Classification and labelling requirement on authorisations issued after 14 June 2011

Commercial withdrawals

Commodity substances

Comparative Assessment

Consideration of Study Protocols

Data submission deadlines

Emergency (120 day) authorisations

Experimental Permits/Approvals - see Trials Permits

Extensions of use

Garden Pesticides: Guidance on Pack Size Limits

Import tolerances and Maximum Residue Levels

Letters of access

The structure of a Notice of Authorisation

Parallel Trade Permit Procedure

Permits for Trials Purposes- see Trials Permits

Procedures for submission and assessment of confirmatory data following inclusion of an active substance in Annex I of Council Directive 91/414/EEC

Protection of data

Product registration numbers

Reduced water volume: Operator and Efficacy/Crops Safety Risk Assessments


Renewal of Product Authorisations

Withdrawal of Authorisations (Previously revocations of approvals)

Streams and targets


Technical specifications and formulation details

The transition from ‘COPR and Directive 91/414/EEC’ to ‘Regulation (EC) 1107/2009’

Transitional arrangements between COPR and PPPR

Trials Permits (previously Experimental Approvals)

Two-staged applications

Zonal authorisations and mutual recognition under Regulation (EC 1107/2009)

If you have any comments or questions on The Applicant Guide or the associated guidance documents, please contact us at Applicant Enquiries: Link to Contact Details Page.

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