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The Applicant Guide: Commodity Substances

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What is a commodity substance?

An approval may be issued for a minor pesticidal use of a non-formulated technical substance (a 'commodity substance') that would normally have extensive and widespread non-pesticidal uses.

The approval (currently granted under The Control of Pesticides Regulations (as amended) 1986 (COPR) only allows the use of the commodity substance as a pesticide. The sale, supply, storage and advertisement of a commodity substance as a pesticide is not permitted.

Examples of commodity substances include carbon dioxide, ethylene and sodium hypochlorite and details of all current approvals can be found on our website.

How do I apply for approval of a commodity substance?

If you wish to apply for approval for a commodity substance then you must submit all of the following information:

  1. The name of the commodity substance
  2. The specification of the commodity substance (eg strength, purity, method of manufacture)
  3. The crops/situations on which the commodity substance will be used
  4. The rates, timings, frequency and method of application
  5. The methods of disposal of any surplus of the commodity substance after use
  6. Details on the commercial significance of the use and any possible alternatives that may exist
  7. The reasons for, and evidence of, the effectiveness of the use of the commodity substance as a pesticide
  8. Details of any operator protection measures that are required
  9. Any available data and/or information on operator exposure from the use of the commodity substance (eg Material Safety Data Sheets)
  10. Any available data and/or information on human and environmental toxicity and the likelihood of residues from the use of the commodity substance
  11. Any additional information that may help us evaluate your application.

All applications for the approval of commodity substances are processed by our Registration Branch and assessed by the Expert Committee on Pesticides.
Due to the diverse nature of commodity substance approvals, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss the proposed approvals and data requirements before making your submission.


Updated 2016-08-03