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The Applicant Guide: Applications for addition of undersown crops to product labels

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This  page sets out the procedures and data required to support changes to the authorisations of plant protection products to reflect use on undersown crops. It is common agricultural practice for growers to undersow cereals with grass or clover as a secondary crop, providing grazing and increased biodiversity.

It is recognised however that many herbicide, growth regulator, fungicide and insecticide treatments do not have label recommendations for use on undersown crops, so use of pesticides on a cereal crop undersown with grass/clover technically breaches the conditions of authorisation. This may have an impact on single farm payments.

To regularise the position, and in recognition of this common agricultural practice, we would like to encourage authorisation holders to add undersown crops to their product labels, by submitting an application for authorisation.

How to apply – for insecticides and fungicides

For insecticides and fungicides, applications for the addition of undersown crops of grass and/or clover to products already authorised for use on cereals may be made via the admin. route. The application would not require revised draft labels, but should include the following information:

Consumer safety

The applicant must provide a statement that they have evidence to demonstrate that there will be no increased risk to consumers from the addition of under sown crops to the label, for the listed products applied as foliar treatments to cereals. This evidence could be based on the authorised use on the cereal crop, the known properties and behaviour of the active substance or a simple risk assessment.

Crop safety

The applicant must provide a statement that they have considered the crop safety profile of the product and that it would not be expected to cause crop damage to the under-sown ley.

How to apply – for herbicides and growth regulators

To add undersown crops to herbicide and growth regulator products, the applicant must submit an application which requires technical consideration. The application would not require revised draft labels, but should include the following information:

It would also be possible to add a request for undersown crops to an application submitted for other reasons.

How will authorisations be amended?

Where the application is successful, an amended authorisation will be issued, specifying undersown crops of grass/clover and allowing these uses to be added to the product label.

Please note that this change to the label can be made to authorisations issued under national legislation (previously Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR)) or National provisional authorisations) under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 during the transitional period following approval.

When the product is assessed at Step 2 (final commission deadline) of re-registration (following approval or renewal), authorisation holders will be required to provide the evidence supporting the statements on consumer safety and crop safety.


Updated 2016-03-21