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The Applicant Guide: Re-Registration Of Parallel Imports

Brexit: Transition period

The UK has now left the EU. Your health and safety responsibilities have not changed in the transition period.

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What happens after an Annex I inclusion of an active substance?

After an active substance has been included in Annex I of Council Directive 91/414/EEC or approved under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009, we will inform you of the impact of the decision on your product, and any deadlines that will apply to the re-registration of the UK master product will be published. .

A table of all active substance inclusions and their associated deadlines is provided either alphabetically or by date of decision.

What will happen to the parallel permit when the reference product is re-registered/ renewed?

The permit for your parallel product will be withdrawn in line with the reference product renewal periods. Further guidance is given in Annex C of the UK Guidance for Parallel Trade Permits.

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Updated 2016-09-28