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The Applicant Guide: Product Registration (MAPP/MAFF) Numbers

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What is a MAPP/MAFF number?

Every product carries a unique product registration number which we allocate upon issue of the first commercial level of authorisation for a product. The number assigned will always remain with your product, unless you subsequently make a major change to its identity or to its formulation. We use two types of prefixes:

When are new MAPP numbers issued?

For a new product

We will allocate a new MAPP number upon the issue of the first commercial level of authorisation for a product.

Note: We do not allocate MAPP numbers to products that only hold an experimental/trials permit (for research or development purposes) since these are not being marketed.

For a change in tradename

If you submit an application to change your product name, we will issue a new MAPP number upon issue of the authorisation incorporating the new product name. This is so that it is easy to differentiate between the two products.

For a change in authorisation holder/marketing company

If you submit an application for a change in marketing company (and the company registration number has changed or is changing), we will issue a new MAPP number upon issue of the authorisation incorporating the new marketing company details.

If the company registration number is not changing, although you will need to submit an application to incorporate the name change, the registration number will not need to change.

If you are the authorisation holder for a product and also market it, then these arrangements will also apply in the event of a change.

For a change in formulation

If you submit an application for a major formulation change to your product and we consider that data are required to support this change, upon issue of the authorisation for the new formulation, we will issue a new MAPP number. This will help distinguish between the two different formulations.

At re-registration

There is no direct requirement to automatically issue a new MAPP number at re-registration under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, providing that there are no significant changes to the product. In light of experience, however, and following discussions with stakeholders, a new MAPP number will automatically be issued for each product at re-registration. In reality, there are almost always amendments to authorisations and labels following re-registration, and changing the MAPP number at re-registration allows clear distinction between the 'old' and 'new' authorised product in the supply chain. The authorisation for the superseded product will be subject to a phased withdrawal when the authorisation for the new MAPP numbered product is issued.

However, it is recognised that changing the MAPP number in some specific circumstances may create unnecessary complications. Therefore when submitting a re-registration application the applicant may specifically request that the product retains the current MAPP number. This can only be considered if there are no major changes required to the product or the label following the re-registration assessment.

If my product gets a new MAPP number, what happens to the old MAPP/MAFF number?

When we issue a new authorisation for a product, incorporating a change in MAPP/MAFF number, the previous authorisation for the old registration number will be withdrawn. This will usually take the form of a phased withdrawal, to allow the authorisation holder to continue placing stocks with the old MAPP/MAFF number into the supply chain for a limited time, with an additional use-up period to allow stocks in the supply chain to pass through safely (see the guidance document for product withdrawals).

MAPP/MAFF numbers and Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMUs)

Where a product gets an authorisation incorporating a change in MAPP/MAFF number, growers will not be able to use the new product under the terms of any existing Extensions of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMUs) where these refer only to the old registration number.

To allow continuity of use, it would therefore be helpful if you could inform the grower or grower group organisation responsible for any EAMUs in order that they can submit applications to amend affected EAMUs to incorporate the new product details. Providing there has not been a major change to the product's formulation, such requests can usually be dealt with administratively see the guidance document for Extensions of Use.


Updated 2016-07-27