Guidance for introduction, use and placing on the Northern Ireland (NI) market of parallel trade products

The document: NI Guidance for Parallel Trade Permits provides information under the headings shown below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. What is parallel trade?
  4. When parallel trade provisions do not apply
  5. How are products determined to be identical?
  6. Information not accepted as evidence of identical composition
  7. Applying for a new or amended parallel trade permit
  8. Maximum of one source product for each new parallel trade permit
  9. Information to be supplied by the applicant
  10. Reasons for refusing an application
  11. Granting of parallel trade permit
  12. Reasons for amending or withdrawing parallel trade permits
  13. Fees and processing times
  14. Late or non-payment of fees
  15. Batch variation
  16. Packaging requirements
  17. Labelling requirements
  18. Record keeping
  19. Transport and handling

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Updated 2021-08-10