Introduction to Parallel Trade Permits for Pesticides for 'Own-Use'

An "own-use" parallel trade permit is separate from a commercial parallel trade permit. Like a commercial parallel trade permit it relates to the import of a product which is:

Unlike a commercial parallel trade permit, it does not allow the imported product to be placed on the market in NI. An own-use parallel trade permit only allows for the product's storage and use.

Any person may apply for an own-use parallel trade permit and once an own-use permit has been granted, anybody may benefit from it and import the authorised product for their own use.

Details of products on the market in EU member states that have been verified as being identical to ones on the market in NI for the purposes of commercial parallel trade permit can be found in the List of Source Products Currently Approved Under The Parallel Trade Permit Arrangements For Pesticide Products.

Most of the rules relating to commercial parallel trade permits apply to own-use parallel trade permits. Please refer to The commercial Parallel Trade Permit guidance. Where there are differences in the rules, these are set out below.

Before deciding whether to import a plant protection product under these arrangements, you should contact HSE.


Applications should be made using the application form CRD6 (own use) to:
Applications Sift,
The Health and Safety Executive,
Chemicals Regulation Division,
Mallard House,
Kings Pool, 3 Peasholme Green,
YO1 7PX.

The form must be fully completed with an original declaration signed and dated.

Own-use fees and processing times

The fees and processing times for dealing with own-use applications are different to those applying to commercial applications.

The processing time excludes the time it takes for HSE to obtain the formulation details from the registration authority of the exporting country in order to verify whether formulations are materially the same.

Verification is undertaken after acceptance of the application; if it shows that the products are not identical then the application will be refused.

Permission will not be given until payment of the appropriate fee has been received. HSE will send you an invoice at the time of acceptance. Full details of fees and processing targets are given in The Application Fees page.

Information supplied by the applicant

The application should be accompanied by a covering letter giving the name of the reference product, the name of the product to be imported, the type of permit sought and confirmation that the products concerned share common origin (see also commercial Parallel Trade Permit guidance).

It is also helpful to include a copy of the original product label from each of the countries from which it is to be imported (that is, the label of the product as it is placed on the market).If this is not possible a note of the authorisation number of the product in the country from which it is to be imported is required.

Different arrangements apply if the product to be imported already has a commercial parallel trade permit. Please contact us for further advice.

Verification procedures

The verification procedures for an own-use parallel trade permit are the same as those for a commercial parallel trade permit unless a commercial parallel trade permit has already been granted for the product.(see commercial Parallel Trade Permit guidance).

If a product to be imported has already been granted a commercial parallel trade permit, it will already have been verified as being identical to one that is authorised for placing on the market and use in NI. In this case, the verification of identicality for an own-use parallel trade permit will probably be very quick.

Length of Permission

The own-use permit will be linked to the reference product in the same way as for commercial parallel trade permits (see commercial Parallel Trade Permit guidance).

Who can use the 'Own-Use' permit?

Once a product has been permitted under the 'own-use' arrangements, it may be imported by other farmers and growers for use only on their own farms and holdings. See the Parallel trade permit (own-use) for a plant protection product (.docx)- Microsoft Word document.

Users must obtain a copy of the conditions of use included on our website, and comply with them when they store and use pesticides subject to own-use permits.

The role of purchasing agents in 'Own-Use' parallel trade permits

A purchasing agent may carry out administrative work and arrange the purchase and delivery of products to a user under an own-use parallel trade permit but should only purchase products in response to specific advance orders from clients.

If a purchasing agent buys products for which he has no orders and then places them on the market, he commits an offence.

Additional Guidance

In addition to the advice contained in this note, you should also refer to HSE's guidance for commercial parallel trade permits. This includes information on the general criteria used by HSE to check identicality of the imported product and the authorised NI reference product. It also has advice on what will happen to a permit under these arrangements if a change takes place with the reference product.

Updated 2023-02-23