Introduction to extension of authorisation for minor use: pesticide products

Authorised uses on plant protection product labels ('on-label' authorisations) do not cover every pest or crop combination, particularly for crops that are grown on a comparatively small scale in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If economically damaging levels of pests, weeds or diseases occur in a crop where there is no on-label authorisation of a suitable plant protection product, then an extension of authorisation for minor use (EAMU) can be considered.

Users and authorisation holders of agricultural plant protection products (PPP) may apply to have the authorisation of specific PPPs extended to cover uses additional to those authorised and shown on the manufacturer's product label.

A minor use is defined as:

  • any crop other than a major crop (such as cereals (other than rye and triticale), oilseed rape, grassland, sugar beet, potato (other than seed), forage maize and beans dry harvested
  • a major crop against a minor pest for which no practicable control measures are available

Any such extension of uses granted may have additional conditions of use attached to them. Use in these cases is undertaken at the user's choosing, and the commercial risk is entirely theirs.

Users are required to be in possession of the relevant EAMU details. Electronic copies of EAMUs can be obtained from the EAMU Database.

For further information, contact HSE.

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Updated 2024-01-30