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Changes To Invoicing Procedures For Parallel Trade Permit Applications From 1 October 2015

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Regulatory update: 17/2015
Issued: 1st October 2015


To notify parallel trade permit applicants of a change in procedure to single invoicing for applications received from 1 October 2015.


For some time, we have applied a two-stage charging system for parallel trade permit applications where a verification of the composition of the imported product was required. The first invoice was raised on acceptance at the Applications Sift, followed by a second invoice if the verification process was successful.

The review of parallel trade guidance and procedures has highlighted that nearly all applications pass the verification process, and this two-stage procedure therefore adds an unnecessary delay for applicants. We will therefore be moving to a single invoicing procedure to make the procedure more efficient and streamlined and improve processing times for applicants.

How will this work?

From 1 October 2015, all parallel trade permit applications will be charged under a single invoice procedure. An invoice will be raised on acceptance of the application at the Applications Sift. This will include the modular fees applicable for the Sift, verification (where necessary) and co-ordination stages. Details of current fees can be found on our website.

For applications which do not require a verification (ie the identity of the proposed source product has been established by CRD within the last 24 months), procedures will remain unchanged and a single invoice will continue to be raised.

What will happen to applications already accepted?

Where applications have already been accepted under the two-stage process, we will continue to issue invoices under the old procedure.

Action Required

As with the previous invoicing procedures, applicants will need to ensure that invoices are paid promptly to enable permits to be issued as quickly as possible.

If you have any queries concerning the contents of this Regulatory Update, please do not hesitate to contact us: Link to Contact details page

Further Information

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