Active substance renewals: pesticides

HSE is currently working with Defra, the Scottish Government, and the Welsh Government to develop an independent GB programme for renewal of pesticide active substance approvals. This page will be updated once that programme is agreed.

In Northern Ireland, European Union (EU) decisions that relate to the renewal of pesticide active substance approvals continue to apply directly.

If supporting active substances through the renewal process, your obligations relating to renewal under retained Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 continue to apply. To maintain support for your substance in GB, you must apply to renew its approval 3 years before it expires. You must also submit a supplementary dossier and HSE will charge you a sift fee.

If these steps are not completed for a substance, its approval will not be extended beyond its expiration date, and it will not be eligible for renewal in GB.

You will be contacted if you later need to supply further information to support your substance. HSE will also inform you of the fees for your renewal assessment. Once you have received this information you may choose not to proceed with your renewal application. If a substance in GB is not supported, then its approval will expire and HSE will determine a period for withdrawing products which contain it.

Current expiry dates for GB pesticide active substances

Pesticide active substances that are approved for use in plant protection products in GB can be found in the GB pesticides approvals register. The register includes the expiry dates for the substances and other details.

Requirements for Supplementary Dossiers

Your supplementary dossier should include:

Deadlines for submission of supplementary dossiers

If the active substance approval expires:

Updated 2023-02-24