Review of pesticide active substance approvals

If new scientific or technical knowledge indicates a pesticide active substance may no longer meet the approval criteria, HSE may review the approval of that active substance.

The review will follow the process described in Article 21 of retained Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 and will result in:

HSE will notify the producers of the active substance of the reasons for the review.

Producers will be invited to submit comments before a set deadline. If you wish to refer to studies, data, or third-party assessments, you must supply them alongside your comments. This will be your only opportunity to contribute information to the review.

HSE’s review will consider your comments as well as any other relevant information. Once concluded, we will inform you of the outcome of the review, the reasons for that outcome, and, if needed, the details of any grace period. A decision to amend or withdraw an approval may be subject to consultation through the World Trade Organisation if the outcome is likely to have a significant effect on trade.

Where necessary, HSE will update the GB Pesticide Approvals Register.

If you hold an authorisation for a pesticide product, you must immediately notify HSE of any new information regarding the product or the active substance (including metabolites) that suggests it may no longer comply with the authorisation / approval criteria.

More information on reporting adverse data.

Updated 2022-12-15