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Work to re-host pesticides advice & guidance now completed

Brexit: Transition period

The UK has now left the EU. Your health and safety responsibilities have not changed in the transition period.

Find the latest information on our Brexit pages

The issues surrounding the hosting of pesticides advice & guidance have now been fully resolved and all guidance and e-bulletins will be hosted on this website. In order to aid user familiarisation, and to be consistent with other areas of HSE guidance, the layout of the site closely replicates the original pesticides website.

However, there have been some key changes:

  1. The number of levels in the folder structure has been reduced, bringing the Pesticide Registration area higher up. A new sub home page for Pesticide Registration has been created, linking to important areas that have always received the most page views.
  2. New information has been added for all specialist data requirements (linked to from the Pesticides Registration sub home page and the left hand navigation).
  3. Information on pesticides legislation and policy has been reduced, and where possible we now just provide links to EU guidance, consistent with other HSE sites.
  4. Any Regulatory and Information Updates prior to 2015 have been removed, but these are all accessible from the National Archive versions of the site. Each year's index (all of which are still present) includes a link to the appropriate version of the National Archive.
  5. Advisory Groups & CRD events are no longer hosted on the new pesticides pages, but links to this information (in their new locations) are included on the pesticides pages.
  6. Because of all of the above, the total number of pages within the site has reduced by approximately 85%.
Updated 2020-08-10