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Changes to authorisations for products containing chlorpyrifos

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Regulatory Update: 03/2016

Issued: 12th February 2016


To advise of changes to authorisations for products containing chlorpyrifos.


Following a European Union review, new human health based safety levels (known as endpoints) were agreed in 2015 for chlorpyrifos, an insecticide used to control insect pests in agricultural crops and amenity situations.

Risk assessments carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and endorsed by the Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) have indicated that most currently authorised uses of chlorpyrifos exceed these newly agreed endpoints.

As a result, with the co-operation of product authorisation holders, HSE are taking action to withdraw these uses from the market.

The Changes

HSE and product authorisation holders are taking prompt action now to communicate these changes in use through the supply chain, to ensure that re-labelling or any required reversal of the supply chain can be implemented as smoothly as possible.

Based on the conclusions of our risk assessments, we do not expect an effect on the health of operators, or other individuals, who may have been exposed to chlorpyrifos during the now withdrawn uses.

Likewise, we do not expect an effect on human health from any commodities previously treated with chlorpyrifos, or those imported commodities treated in future originating from other countries where applicable EU Maximum Residue Levels are met.

Changes to authorisations for products containing chlorpyrifos – further clarification issued 24th March 2016

Further to the pesticides e-bulletin issued on February 12th 2016, we wish to clarify that these authorisation changes relate to chlorpyrifos ethyl.

Updated 2020-08-11