OMAHAC Minutes September 2021

Unite, Teams Meeting, 1300-1530
Chair: John Boland, Unite the Union

Attendees: Chris Flint, HSE; Katherine Meffen, OGUK; Howard Harte, HSE; Stuart Clow, IADC; Jim House, MCA; Gillian Simpson, SCiS; Katrina Ross, BROA; Trevor Stapleton, OGUK; John Boland, Unite Jake Molloy, RMT; Guy Heaton, OPRED; Pete Lowson, MCA; Katie Lowit, Unite

Apologies: Wendy Kennedy, OPRED; Andrew Taylor, OPRED; Bryan Monson, HSENI; Gwilym Stone, MCA; Margaret Fitzgerald, IMCA

1. Introductions and call for AOAB - Unite

JB welcomed attendees, shared the agenda and requested that any AOAB items be raised during the attendees’ introductions.

No additional AOAB

2. Review of Actions and Minutes of Meeting - Unite

TS- update on long term spill response.

Training and support is being developed for fishermen in the event of an oil spill.

UK, Denmark, Norway, Ireland and Germany are collectively drawing up a military response agreement for the event of a major oil spill.

Updated ways of working as been sent round the group, all confirmed that they were happy with the document. CF commented that OSDR has been rebranded as OMAR and the document should be changed to reflect this.

JB suggested that aims and objectives of the advisory committee should be added to the agenda.

Updated OMAHAC Terms of reference was also sent round the group. TS drew attention to the last bullet point- EERTAG is now being overseen by OMAHAC.

3. Member Organisation Updates - All


CF- Net Zero Program board has been set up to represent all divisions.

They are working on any regulatory or guidance gaps and working on how to support the government with any Net Zero discussions.

They are involved in the safety of the use of hydrogen and on reassuring the public of its safety. 

HCR Performance- CF

Process Safety Leadership Principles- CF

Maintenance Backlog- CF

JB- Questioned if there was a link between the maintenance backlog and increase in barrier management score?

HH- Not a definite connection but it could be part of the issue.

Inspections Guides Update- HH

MCA- Maritime Coastal Agency

PL- Coast Guard training exercises being conducted both offshore and onshore with support from the MCA.


GH- There has been a change in the senior management position in OPRED- Tom Child is now the chief exec of OPRED.



CF- happy to raise the issue of standards with the HSE renewables team




JM to invite KR to a meeting with the offshore helicopter safety group.

TS- CAA have a helideck committee attended by helicopter operators and CAA, HSE have requested to join.


IMCA- Margaret not present at the meeting.


Maintenance Backlog

Major Accidents and Hazards

JB- Expressed concerns about the maintenance deferrals

TS- Deferrals can be made by operators if they have assessed the risks. Covid cannot be blamed for the backlog as it was increasing anyway.

HH- agreed that this was an ongoing problem and some operators manage it well whilst others do not. HSE intervene and try to get operators to manage it betters, there is a working group in place to try to get on top of it.

CF- They are collating data to see where the biggest problems are.


JB- requested that minutes be sent to OMAHAC members. TS agreed.

Step Change- GS

4. Cabin Sharing - All

TS- A survey about cabin sharing was distributed before Covid and they had a mixed response. Due to Covid the survey was dropped.

JB- 2+1 was supposed to be a temporary measure.

HH- 2+1 was introduced to help reduce the maintenance backlog.

TS- There needs to be a balance of risks and benefits. Wellbeing and mental health of
workers on one hand and need to reduce the maintenance backlog on the other.

CF- OGUK should get feedback from the survey and meet with StepChange to discuss. This should be an item on the agenda for the next meeting. 

5. Committee Governance

Terms of governance were covered earlier in the meeting.


CF brought up Foinavon issue.

JB- a number of assets are significantly aged.

CF- they need to draw a line and make a decision about assets that don’t comply. Are they safe to stay in operation? Installations cannot be allowed to continuing operating with essential repairs and if it is not worth the repairs then there is the possibility of decommissioning.

The subject of the next meeting date was raised.

CF suggested that OMAHAC should meet 2 times per year.

JB suggested March for the next meeting

TS suggests that the 22nd and 23rd of March are avoided as this is the OGUK HSE conference.

CF- Aims and objectives of the next meeting should include backlog maintenance and cabin sharing.

Meeting was closed.

Updated 2022-06-24