Well Notifications

Since the UK left the EU, the Offshore Major Accident Regulator (OMAR) is now the UKs Offshore Competent Authority (previously known as the Offshore Safety Directive Regulator (OSDR). How HSE regulate the offshore industry stays the same. Our guidance will be updated to reflect this change.

The following framework diagram describes the process by which OMAR will inspect well notifications.

Topic inspection templates have been developed for use by OMAR topic specialists to assist in the inspection of well notifications.

Transitional Arrangements

Transitional arrangements are in place for the handling of well notifications during the SCR2015 transitional period. Flow charts have been developed to assist well operators in determining which documents should be submitted to OMAR:


This guidance briefs  wells inspectors and administrative support staff of the line to take on queries about offshore well notifications and clarify common misunderstandings concerning notifications on the part of industry.

Updated: 2022-05-31