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Low noise and vibration equipment for European markets - are you set to lose market share?

Person using workshop equipment


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is hosting a free event for UK industry to consider the opportunities provided by developing low noise and vibration equipment.

Who is the event for?

If your company supplies noisy or vibrating equipment then this event is for you. It will also be useful for makers of sub assemblies plus those who provide advice and guidance on design for low noise and vibration. Groups representing manufacturers, suppliers and users are also most welcome.


  1. Create a market edge for sellers of quiet machinery.
  2. Make it easier for employers to identify and manage risks associated with exposure to excessive noise and vibration in the workplace by increasing the availability of quiet, low vibration machinery.
  3. Encourage provision of suppliers’ information on noise and vibration emission in a form that is meaningful to purchasers.


  1. Delegates understand legal duties
  2. Stimulate debate on how best to fulfil legal duties
  3. Clarify expectations of HSE in supporting supply and purchase of low noise and vibration equipment
  4. Help designers and manufacturers realise a market advantage from development of low noise and vibration machinery.

Follow-up by HSE

  1. Summarise event findings to HSE website
  2. Publicise good practice

Please contact Rod Cullinane at [email protected] for further details and to reserve your place.

Updated 2019-11-13