Risk management in detail

Specific risk advice for nanotechnology

Where nanomaterials have an uncertain or not clearly defined toxicology and unless, or until, sound evidence is available on the hazards from inhalation, ingestion, or absorption a precautionary approach should be taken to the risk management.

If the use of nanomaterials cannot be avoided then the implementation of a risk management program in workplaces where exposure to nanomaterials exists, can help to minimise the potential for exposure to nanomaterials.

Elements of such a program should include the following (more information can be found at Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) or Risk management:

See HSE's guidance HSG272 'Using nanomaterials at work'

The absence of knowledge about the health and safety hazards of new nanomaterials introduces significant uncertainty into any risk assessment. You should therefore implement precautionary controls on exposure when working with them.

Further information

Further information on hazard (and exposure) assessment for nanomaterials can be obtained from the reports from the REACH Implementation Projects on Nanomaterials (RIPoNs) 2 and 3