Research reports

HSE is sponsoring research to assess the number of UK workplaces/workers handling engineered nanomaterials. HSL in partnership with the Nanosafety forum will carry out a survey to identify organisations and companies UK manufacturing or using nanomaterials in their business. The survey will identify the type of nanomaterials used, the number of workers exposed and the companies' awareness of the potential health and safety issues regarding nanotechnology. The data collected will help HSE apply sensible risk assessments and play our part in maintaining Health and Safety as a cornerstone of UK business.

Following on from the survey assessing the number of UK workplaces/workers handling engineered nanomaterials, a more in depth study on the controls employed by these businesses will be started. A cross section of up to twenty small to medium enterprises manufacturing or handling nanomaterials will have their controls examined in more depth, by carrying out simple measurements on-site.