Case 319 - Motorcyclist told to remove helmet and get off the motorcycle whilst refuelling


The enquirer, whilst refuelling a motorcycle at a filling station, was asked to remove their safety helmet before the pump was switched on. Then on another occasion they were asked to get off the motorcycle before refuelling. The enquirer wrote to the supermarket filling station CEO requesting an explanation and was told this was for 'Health and Safety' reasons.

Panel decision

Requiring motorcyclists to remove their helmets at filling stations is not a health and safety issue. It appears to be a measure to discourage and prevent fuel theft. This is understandable but the filling station should be clear about the real reason.

Requiring motorcyclists and passengers to dismount and place the motorcycle on its stand during refuelling is a sensible measure which is stated in the Energy Institute's guidance on petrol station refuelling. It enables better control of the refilling operation, reduces the risk of spilling fuel on clothes, high temperature parts of the motorcycle itself and on the forecourt. A clearer explanation by the supermarket of the logic behind both of these requirements would have been helpful.