Case 268 - Customer not allowed to drop a parcel off at a courier depot and courier drivers not allowed mobile phones


Courier quoting health and safety as the reason enquirer cannot drop a parcel off at their depot yet they have been able to pick up parcels from other couriers. On a live chat, the company said their drivers cannot have mobile phones due to health and safety yet the enquirer frequently has couriers calling from their vans to get directions.

Panel decision

Two separate issues are raised by this case. First, the company's policy clearly states that parcels can be picked up/dropped off at depots but this particular depot is using health and safety as an excuse to ban pick up/drop off because it is commercially advantageous to the to do the home delivery.

Secondly, there are clear Road Traffic Act rules about the use of mobile phones when driving but there is no health and safety rule which bans drivers from carrying phones. Again this was an excuse offered in a particular instance and is not company policy: - the website of the company states that one way of rearranging a missed delivery time is to call the mobile phone number on the card left by the delivery driver.