Case 264 - Customer access to a delivery office yard stopped


Until recently visitors to a parcel delivery office have been able to drive directly into the delivery office yard when going to collect retained mail, oversize packages etc. This facility has now been stopped on the grounds of "to assist with improvements of Health and Safety…" and visitors must now park in the road outside and walk in to the yard through a new pedestrian access gate. Enquirer contends that the real reason for the change was not "Health and Safety" but was for improved security as the yard vehicle access gates can now be closed at all times when not directly in use.

Panel decision

The company has reassessed the risk to the public as a result of a change in its operating practices with an increased number of vehicles in the yard. They have provided an alternative means of access for members of the public and the option to rearrange delivery to their home. The panel believes that the company has acted sensibly and proportionately.