Case 263 - Blanket use of hazard lights at distribution centres


Enquirer works as a lorry driver and quite often has to go on to a premises where the customer requires that he use his hazard lights while driving on their site. When he goes onto a site like a large distribution centre and every vehicle has it's hazard lights on and it is dark, this causes confusion as you can not indicate at all to any other driver what your intentions are. They say it is in the name of health and safety but he thinks this is contrary to anything health and safety would say.

Panel decision

The primary concern of workplace transport controls is to keep vehicles and pedestrians segregated and HSE provides guidance on managing workplace transport safety (HSG 136). There is no reference in the guidance to the use of hazard warning lights, so sites which specify this requirement do so as a result of their own risk assessments and the policies they put in place

The panel acknowledges that the enquirer raises a potential genuine concern that the use of hazard lights may be distracting/confusing rather than improving safety but this will depend upon the specifics of the site in question. He needs to raise this with the company concerned for them to consider their policy.