Case 224 - Tea and coffee can no longer be served at parent and toddler group due to health and safety


The enquirer has been attending two of the parent and toddler groups run by her local Council for nearly two years. Whilst the children are having their snack and drink, tea and coffee has been offered to the parent/carer. Two weeks ago a member of the team told the enquirer that for health and safety reasons they are no longer serving tea and coffee.

Panel decision

This is not an occupational health and safety issue, but the centre is right to give consideration as to how to manage the risks of children being scalded by hot drinks. There are Ofsted requirements to consider but these do not require the banning of hot drinks. The panel feel that using "health and safety" is misleading and that a policy for hot drink consumption could easily be developed involving designated areas for parents and carers to consume hot drinks rather than an outright ban.