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Case 218 - Postman refuses to deliver parcel to 3rd floor flat


The postman asked the enquirer to come to the main door of the block of flats to collect a package. She replied that she couldn't as her baby was asleep and couldn't leave him. He asked her to buzz the front door and he would leave the parcel in the communal entrance. He came to the enquirer's front door but said next time it would have to be collected from the main entrance due to health and safety. The enquirer lives on the 3rd floor and there is a working lift.

Panel decision

Health and safety law does not seem to be an issue here. There can be circumstances where there is a known risk of violence to employees at a particular address, delivery arrangements might be altered as a reasonable control measure. But from the available facts this was not the case here. It would have been preferable and more honest if the real reason was given as to why future delivery to the front door was not possible rather than quoting health and safety.